At the Museum

An Evening at the Museum

First in a series of digital exhibits that explore American religious thought during times of national crisis. Because these ideas sprang from the soil of religious freedom, experiencing them through curation will move viewers to see religious freedom as revolutionary, indispensable and worthy of all efforts to cherish and protect it.

Presentation of President Lincoln’s religious thoughts about God, slavery, war and American purpose in a video format using music and the spoken word with nationally renowned scholars and musicians.

Former Secretary of State and concert pianist Dr. Condoleezza Rice and Grammy-nominated musician Jenny Oaks Baker perform a duet medley of African American spirituals arranged by Kurt Bestor, in the music video “Free at Last Medley.” Spirituals featured in Kurt Bestor’s arrangement include Deep River, Nobody Knows the Trouble I’ve Seen, Go Down Moses, and Free at Last. The music video will be part of the “Evening at the Museum” program.

American Religious Thought During Times of National Crisis

The Prayers of Both Could Not Be Answered: Lincoln's Religion In His Second Inaugural